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Verify fact statements

Orcfax publishes very concise fact statement datum or snippets to the Cardano blockchain.

Each of these have an inextricable identifier that links back out to an audit log package on the decentralized Arweave storage network. This package contains provenance and contextual information about how the fact statement datum was collected, validated, and published.

This allows users to trust but verify any dApp or smart contract that uses Orcfax data inputs. Depending on which side of the Web3 coin you are looking at, this makes Orcfax a very trustworthy trustless data provider.

The Orcfax project provides a convenient Explorer to search all the audit packages for its published Mainnet datum. They are marked up as JSON-LD for machine-readable re-use and IETF Bagit for digital repository interoperability.

Orcfax Explorer sample

Click on a fact statement card in the Explorer to see the detailed summary for that fact statement. The Archive Explorer widget loads the archival package from the Arweave network (via and provides a viewer for all the audit log files.

These include the original HTTP responses from the Kraken, Kucoin, and Coinbase APIs that the Orcfax validator nodes all queried in unison for live ADA/USD order book data.