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Orcfax is a decentralized oracle service that publishes data about real world events to the Cardano blockchain.

Orcfax data is made available to on-chain smart contracts in Cardano's eUTXO native format using the Cardano Open Oracle Protcol (COOP).

Getting Started

Check our user manual for instructions on how to:

  1. Consume Orcfax data: Get your Cardano dApps, smart contracts, and scripts consuming data from Orcfax oracle feeds.

  2. Verify Orcfax data: Using our unique auditing and archiving features, you can verify the authenticity and accuracy of every fact statement published by Orcfax, including its source data and validation history.

Learn more

The Solution Overview section provides a high level description the Orcfax technical architecture and its primary components.

Learn more about the tokenomics and utility of the Orcfax service's native FACT token.

Read our FAQ sections to answer any further questions you may have about Orcfax or oracles in general.

You can also join our Discord to engage directly with Orcfax team members.