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FACT Tokenomics

The FACT utility token has a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens.

The FACT token minting policy ID is a3931691f5c4e65d01c429e473d0dd24c51afdb6daf88e632a6c1e51.

The FACT token is tradeable on Cardano DEX markets. It is listed on coin tracking sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

FACT tokenomics piechart

The following list of ADA Handle wallets correspond to the allocations in the FACT tokenomics pie chart above. Using these ADA handles allows for public transparency and project accountability on when FACT tokens are moved and used.

FACT ADA handle wallets

Short descriptions of each FACT token allocation is provided below.

FACT tokenomics table

Validator rewards

A full 50% of our token supply is reserved to reward our validator node operators for collecting, formatting, validating, publishing and archiving real-world data for consumption as eUTXO datum by Cardano dApps and smart contracts.

This allocation is meant to subsdize operations long enough for the network to become self-sustaining based on fee collection. This allocation is a serious signal that Orcfax understands a healthy, thriving validator pool network is required for the long-term viability and value of the network.


An Initial Stakepool Offering (ISPO) is a mechanism popular within the Cardano blockchain community. The basic principle is that ADA delegators forego their ADA staking rewards each epoch in return for a proportionate share of the project token.

Orcfax successfully ran a fully-subscribed ISPO in March 2023. The cliff date for the first ISPO drops is September 2023. 10% of the FACT token supply is allocated to ISPO participants.

Launchpad & LP Bootstrapping

Orcfax used the Wingriders Launchpad to introduce the FACT token to the open market and make it available for circulation. This launchpad supports a decentralized and non-custodial method for initial price discovery.

86,000,000 (8.6%) FACT is allocated as collateral for ADA contributed by Launchpad participants. 24,000,000 (2.4%) is allocated for bootstrapping the first liquidity pool on the Wingriders DEX which will follow the launchpad.

The 86 million Launchpad FACT tokens have no cliff and/or vesting restrictions. They can be claimed in full as soon as the launchpad closes.

The 24 million FACT tokens used to bootstrap the Liquidity Pool will have a cliff date of 6 months after the Launchpad closes (12 months from the start of the ISPO) and a one month vesting period.

Yield Farming APY

20,000,000 (2%) FACT tokens are used to enhance the appeal of our liquidity pool(s) by offering substantial Yield Farming Rewards to our liquidity providers.

Promotional airdrops

This allocation is used to raise awareness about Orcfax by giving away FACT through various public relations campaigns.


This allocation is for future partnerships, (centralized) exchange liquidity, marketing campaigns and developer grants. It will also be used to fund research and to develop tools and services that contribute to the health and growth of the Orcfax ecosystem.


This allocation will be used to launch the Orcfax DAO and seed a treasury for ongoing Orcfax DAO foundation activities.


This allocation is distributed to the founder and team members to compensate for their significant investments in time and effort to launch the Orcfax network.


External advisors that provide guidance and support to the Orcfax project are compensated in FACT from this allocation.