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The Orcfax ISPO

The Orcfax oracle project launched its Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) in the Cardano blockchain’s 400th epoch. An ISPO is a fund-raising mechanism that is popular within the Cardano blockchain community. The basic principle is that ADA delegators forgo their ADA staking rewards each epoch (5 days) in return for a proportionate share of a particular Cardano native token. In Orcfax’s case that is $FACT, the utility token used for fees, staking, and rewards in the Orcfax decentralized oracle pool network.

The Orcfax ISPO successfully concluded in epoch 413, and the Orcfax pool retired in epoch 424. To conclude this phase, Orcfax published both an ISPO Retrospective and a dashboard breaking down the ISPO.

How will reward distribution work?

100M $FACT will be made available to delegators through a partnership with TosiDrop within a 6 month vesting period. Participants ill be able to claim 1/6 of their rewards each month.

How can I calculate my rewards?

Participants can use the Orcfax Rewards Calculator to check the rewards earned by participating in the ISPO. Simply enter the stake address.

When will my rewards be available on TosiDrop?

1st dropepoch 4372023-09-17
2nd dropepoch 4432023-10-17
3rd dropepoch 4492023-11-16
4th dropepoch 4552023-12-16
5th dropepoch 4612024-01-15
6th dropepoch 4672024-02-14