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The $FACT Launch

On September 8th, Orcfax launched the $FACT utility token in collaboration with the Wingriders’ Launchpad, and quickly reached the max contributions, raising 4.5 million ADA! We are grateful to have such an engaged and supportive community help us secure the funding that will allows us to make our shared vision of decentralization a reality; this funding will be instrumental in our expansion and the continued development highlighted by our roadmap.

On September 15th, the launchpad closed and the first FACT/ADA liquidity pool came online with Wingriders.

On September 22nd, the Minswap liquidity pool came online.

On September 25th, the Sundae Swap liquidity pool came online.

What is the Fact policy ID?

It has been reported that multiple fake FACT tokens, and pools, have been found. Always check our FACT Policy ID before making any trades:


Where can I participate in yield farming?

On September 15th, users had the opportunity to add liquidity, and stake LP tokens on WingRiders' liquidity pool before epoch 438, in order to start receiving double yield rewards (FACT + WRT). Each epoch, during that first month, we added an allocation of 200,000 FACT and 10,000 WRT for the liquidity providers.

On September 23rd, Minswap opened the ADA-FACT farm. Orcfax has allocated 70,000 FACT tokens for the first two weeks (5000 FACT per day), and we will re-evaluate the allocation every two weeks. Furthermore, Orcfax has proposed a double FACT-MIN farm with the Minswap community— by voting and supporting this , users stand a chance to earn $FACT, $MIN and $ADA yield farming rewards on Minswap! Add your liquidity, and stake your LP tokens on Minswap Farms to start receiving yield farming rewards.

We have created a comprehensive guide on Yield Farming with Wingriders and Minswap. Learn more about Yield Farming and how to engage in the farms by reading and following the steps in this article.