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Orcfax policies

A list of Orcfax oracle policy IDs.

Current policies


The upgraded v1 protocol is currently under development. While mainnet details are unavailable, integrators can find details regarding Preprod and Preview below.

v1 Mainnet

Policy ID: TBA

  • Smart contract address: TBA

  • Date of appearance: TBA

    • Slot Number: TBA
    • block: TBA
    • Explorer view: TBA

v1 Preprod

Policy ID: TBA

v1 Preview

Fact Statement Pointer: e06133fc651dccdaedf8f9cb50e5a94fc5d38fd97a7cae9cc81016893dd86f8d

Policy ID: 900d528f3c1864a1376db1afc065c9b293a2235f39b00a67455a6724

The Preview Testnet policy is not yet static and will move as the smart
contracts involved in Orcfax publish are improved on the way to mainnet. Because
Orcfax is currently under active development, we reserve the ability to update
the protocol’s publishing logic.

Legacy policies


v0 Mainnet

Policy ID: 2cccc05192920ff1eb02bcfa7bb2a1fc5352ce58391d7ba3c66a555b

Smart contract address: addr1w8tcecfy7np3sduzn99ffuv8qx2sa8v977l0xql8ca7lgkgq7lqh2

  • Date of appearance: 28.9.2023

    • Slot Number: 104,327,334
    • block: 81394cd019daf9d2575b04d902735cbfe5d8b14e33242f6810664b911fe81798
    • Explorer view
  • Date of deprecation: 14.5.2024

    • Slot Number: 124,114,551
    • block: c508478bbb1b63070c45e6bd6d813eef060915ebf0ccfa325e1fe194a03f664f
    • Explorer view
  • Arweave wallet: Our6d4__QbpvIWDz2GTbnKdyunVcrLSA2OfFxJpXdzQ

v0 Preprod

Policy ID: 104d51dd927761bf5d50d32e1ede4b2cff477d475fe32f4f780a4b21

Smart contract address: addr_test1wrtcecfy7np3sduzn99ffuv8qx2sa8v977l0xql8ca7lgkgmktuc0